Some of my favorite gardening blogs

Admittedly, since I am a new garden blogger, I focus too much time on my own blog and the number of hits and comments that come in each time. I’m sure it is typical of most bloggers, both old and new, but it is something I am now trying to limit.

As part of this attempt to “branch out more”, I have been reading and following other blogs much more intensively the past week or so. And you know what? There are some seriously super fantastical gardening blogs out there; but of course you all know that already so I am truly preaching to the choir.

I have included below, ten blogs that I actively follow and a quick snippet about each. I’m sure many of you are already following these blogs, but hopefully I can introduce even a few of you to these blogger and bloggesses. Click on the blog titles to visit each of these blogs, and my apologies ahead of time for not making the links all that clear – I am still working on an overhaul of my own blog. Without further ado:           

“A Day in the Life”
Gary is a very laid back guy whose blog comes across with that same vibe. You can pick up on his numerous years of experience very quickly as you read each entry. His photos are tremendous, super educational and his musical taste ain’t bad either. You’ll feel good as you read it, trust me.

“Garden in Paradise”
Kim’s blog just jumps out at you as soon as you enter. Wonderfully colorful, full of gorgeous tropical photos and a passion that is obvious right from the start. Have I mentioned the quality of the photos? Jump start your day and read this each morning.
“Antique ART Garden”
Simply inspirational. You feel that inspiration as soon as you open the page. Not to mention all of the photos of picturesque Charleston, SC (where I wouldn’t mind living some day) and her collection of antiques. And since I am a nice guy, I’ll excuse the fact that the family are Atlanta Braves fans – as tough as it is for a long suffering Mets fan to handle.       

“Crystal Coast Gardener”
All I can say is Kyna is one funny ass blogger. I am right in line with her sense of humor and she is so creative with how she uses it in each of her posts. Not to mention she knows her plants. And she is a Canadian relocated to the South – which just seems cool. GO READ NOW.    

“The Idiot Gardener” 
All you need to see is the name and you should be reading this already. I pulled this quote directly from his site “I am an idiot. It needs saying. I drink too much, exercise too little, and am unlikely to change.” Need I say more?

“We Didn’t Come Here for the Grass”
Another fantastic blog title that pulled me in. Byddi is from Ireland and is now a relocated Californian. She has a great sense of humor, unique writing style and some of the most interesting photos I’ve ever seen. Plus, like all of the other bloggers I read, she knows her shit.      

“The Rutgers Reuters”
Leslie runs THE nursery in my county here in NJ and her blog is chock full of educational material. I get my pen and paper out each time I read her entries. Seriously, the nursery is a spectacle and since I recently received a gift certificate there, I will be wandering the grounds again very soon – and maybe will add some photos if she allows me to.       

“Gardening Jones”
My blogger buddy. We have guest posted on each others’ blogs and she is a definite “nut”, in a fantastic way. Her specialty is in edibles and I am hoping to learn a lot from her so I can then enter that frightening world of actually eating what you grow. What a novel concept!       

“Allan Becker, Gardening Guru”
My personal favorite when it comes to design and plant education. The level of detail is extraordinaire and I’ve learned more from Allan’s blog than I have researching the internet out on my own. Also love the book reviews which are a nice added touch. 

“The Dandelion Wrangler”
I find a common theme of the blogs I follow are that they are honest, passionate and very relatable. That describes Laura’s site to a tee. It feels warm and inviting and makes you feel good about gardening in general. Plus she gets her kids involved which is awesome.    

15 thoughts on “Some of my favorite gardening blogs

  1. Laura

    OMG I’m getting all gushy! I’m reading your list thinking these are all great blogs, wow what a collection of diverse and wonderful sites, and then I see my own. You are too kind!

    I’ve got to go check out some of these blogs. My husband wants to know what all the giggling is about. Thanks for making my day!

  2. Antique ART Garden

    Thank you very much for including my blog with your list , I was actually a bit surprised to see it there , ( I’m always surprised anybody reads my blog ! )…which made it a very special treat. I was just reading you on blotanical , you have really excellent writing skills…words have power , mixed with your energy & enthusiasm , can do great good. thanks so much again, Gina

  3. Kyna

    *fans self*

    I think I’m gettin’ the vapors!

    You made my day! 😀 Glad you ‘get’ me, and you want other people to check me out.

    I’m feeling the pressure now. Like when I’d meet one of my friends’ friends, and they’d say, “This is Kyna! She’s hilarious. Ok, Kyna! Be funny!’

    And I’d suddenly run out of funny. 😛 lol

    I’ll have to check some of the others out, I only follow a few of those…

  4. Kimberly

    Giddy Up!! I’m included in this fantastic line up?!?!?! Woo Hoo!!! Thank you so much for the compliment and kind words!! And thank you for sharing some blogs that are new to me…can’t wait to check them out! (OMG…I’m using too many exclamation points again..something I’m trying to work on…but I’m very excited right now…can’t be helped…)
    BTW, I’m glad you focus on your blog and garden because I like reading about your progress and love your sense of humor!

  5. Gardening Jones

    Hey thanks blogger buddy! I was just reading along- yea, I like that one too; hmm hafta check that one out; oh that one’s plain hysterical; and then whoa- a veggie in the flower beds? (must have come from the compost)
    I’m sure we’d all agree yours should be at the top of this list-passionate, sincere, funny, well-written and you include your kids, too!
    Thanks for the mention, wish I had known sooner, I would’ve posted something good 😉

  6. allanbecker-gardenguru

    It feels great to be praised by peers – the highest compliment one can get. But it is a special honor to be included on a list complied by someone who is so passionately about his likes and dislikes. Thank you for for bringing an extra smile to my day.

  7. Heather

    Hey – I’ll check out your list! I recognize some of them but will go visit the others. Your blog is lovely – your blooms look happy and healthy. Will be back to visit later….

  8. jay chua

    Thanks for sharing the blog lists.
    My wife & I love gardening, and I am sure we’ll find some valuable info from other gardeners:)

    Jay Chua

  9. Tracy

    Just stumbled on your blog – and list of favorites – and am so glad I did. All of them are new to me. I also recommend :
    This woman is also funny and is engaged in a constant battle with rabbits. I hate to laugh at someone else’s pain, but…

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  11. Jane Carter

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