Autumn is knocking on the door

Yes, I know summer doesn’t end for another three weeks or so, but I ain’t buying it. Summer ends Sept 1st, and that’s OK. I’m ready for the next phase, let’s call it “Plants looking awesome as they die”. OK, they’re not really dying, more like going dormant, but you get the point. 
The kids go back to school next week and my daughter is starting kindergarten. She’ll be riding the bus for the first time and like most parents, I can’t comprehend how she got this old so fast. Same goes with my son as he is entering fourth grade. Dude grows like an inch overnight and I’m pretty sure he has the same shoe size as I do. If anyone out there has discovered a life “pause button” let me know. I’ll pay top dollar for it. 
Anyway, as soon as we hit September, it was like the plants reacted and said let’s start the process of shedding our leaves. Weren’t we just enjoying the blooms of early summer? And picking blueberries? Oh well, what can you do, such is life. Now we can enjoy the aster blooms, be inundated with mums in containers everywhere (just threw up in my mouth) and pick apples. Not so bad. 
I’ll leave you with the signs of autumn (some more subtle than others) I’ve watched unfold the past two days:                
Viburnum leaf
More Viburnum leaves

Amelanchier (Serviceberry) ‘Autumn Brilliance’ 

Itea (Virginia Sweetspire) ‘Henry’s Garnet’ 

Malus (Crabapple) ‘Prairie Fire’

Miscanthus purpurascens (Flame Grass)

Amsonia tabernaemontana (Eastern bluestar)

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


13 thoughts on “Autumn is knocking on the door

  1. Andi Rivarola

    The Fall is crucial for iris blooming in the Spring. In the Fall, irises wake up from dormancy and start developing new plants and forming what will later be bloom stalks. Food and water supply is very important then in the Fall, thus welcome new season!

  2. Gardens at Waters East

    It is a rainy and humid evening. Good time to check in with your Blog and others I am following. I just checked out my Vibernum and it is no where near as far into Fall as yours. That surprises me. Thought here at Lake Michigan would be further than your area. I think we still have a few weeks of color and blooms. My native asters are just starting to bloom. Had visitors here again today. Seems this garden draws people to visit. Almost weekly there are new visitors who have heard about the place. That is nice. They must like what they see. Jack

  3. Bom

    Thanks for sharing those great photos. We don’t have autumn here so I do enjoy going through the blogs and looking at photos of the changing colors.

  4. Grace

    Still high summer where I live. Word has it, fall won’t begin in earnest until the middle of October. No argument from me. Your harbingers of fall are pretty but I can wait. 🙂

  5. Patrick's Garden

    No real signs of Autumn here in my garden in the Midwest but glad to see yours. After all our heat including a few 100s this week, we’re actually going to have a week in the 70s. Your plants look great.

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