Pinteresting reasons why I am surviving the winter

This winter feels very different … and that is a good thing.

In the past, I’d go into winter kicking and screaming and if that damn groundhog saw his shadow, someone was going to pay. I’ve made many veiled threats to move south in search of more desirable weather. I’ve made it known that I don’t ski and don’t plan to do so any time soon.

Fast forward to present day and I’m a pretty happy dude.

It may be the result of a mild winter with little snowfall. I’ve come to realize that the cold doesn’t bother me as much as a snow covered ground does. The snow is great and all as it is falling, but I can do without it sticking around for weeks and burying everything underneath. Call me crazy, but I enjoy seeing the bare earth in anticipation of what will pop out in the near future.

But truthfully, my happiness isn’t completely weather related. There are two specific reasons why I’m managing this “off-season” better than in previous years.

1)Photo organization
I finally reached a point where I could no longer handle having my photos stored all over the place (Hard drive, Picasa, Photoshop). I’ve slowly been tagging each photo and storing each of them under the appropriately labeled folder. In doing so, I’ve relived the past few spring, summer and fall seasons. An escape if you will:

The first bulbs of spring:

To the anticipation of the first fleeting peony bloom:

To the spiderwort blooms opening up in the early morning:

And to the wonderful colors of fall:

Not only did I successfully escape and travel through the seasons, but I also witnessed numerous ways I can improve my gardens. Good times.


If you are not already “pinning”, you need to leave here now and find a way to get an invite IMMEDIATELY. I am not kidding.

For those of you who cut pictures out of magazines or bookmark sites that have amazing plant/garden/landscape pics, this is for you.

After easily installing the “Pin It” button on your web browser, you can organize photo “boards” that capture all of your favorite photos into appropriate categories. You can find them on your own as you browse the web or “follow” other “pinners” and simply “repin” their photos. Trust me, it is beyond addicting and the best possible way to come up with new and unique gardening ideas.

I have boards categorized under “Ornamental Grasses”, “Gardens I Love”, “Fire pits”, “Containers”, etc. The possibilities are endless.

You really need to access the Pinterest site and please let me know if you would like an invite. I can send you one via email within seconds. Once you join, you can follow me by clicking the link in the sidebar to the right.

I’ll gladly accept all of your thank you’s after you’ve joined.


12 thoughts on “Pinteresting reasons why I am surviving the winter

  1. Janet, The Queen of Seaford

    Oh John, good for you to organize all your photos. I have mine on two computers and an external hard drive. I liked the way I was able to save them on my desktop…all labeled. Now they are stored chronologically. I thought about going back and labeling all the photos…oy!
    As for Pinterest….haven’t done it as I see it as another time thief. My sister showed me this summer, and I think it is interesting….maybe one of these days.

  2. Brenda

    What I love about Pinterest is the exposure to vast amounts of garden styles and schemes. I have all my photos somewhat organized on CD’s and my external hard drive, with teaching documents done up according to lessons. But I was running out of room! I love having all kinds of photos at my fingertips now. Having inspirational boards, whether on Pinterest, or in a scrapbook can really help you determine what you actually like…start pinning away without thinking about why you like you something, and before long themes will emerge that may surprise you…I know I’ve made some interesting discoveries about myself : )

  3. scottweberpdx

    Hahahaha…couldn’t agree more! I’ve been spending my random free time going through and sorting all the photos I took this year as well…and it’s great to see the garden all during the season. It’s amazing, now that I look back, all the things I fretted about and was unhappy with seem so trivial. Granted, the distance also gives me more perspective on what needs improving (so glad i didn’t make any major changes last fall like I had planned). I’m LOVING Pinterest. I’ve never really gotten into facebook, twitter or any other social media…but Pinterest really appeals to me, for some reason!

  4. Brenda

    “It’s amazing, now that I look back, all the things I fretted about and was unhappy with seem so trivial.” – spoken like a true gardener! We’re always our worst critics, I know I always see everything ‘wrong” too, but the fun bit is changing and moving and sculpting – as my husband teaches, a garden is a masterpiece that is never done.

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