A quick winter tour

The thermometer said 15 degrees Fahrenheit and the wind chill made it feel like it was 0 degrees but that didn’t stop me from taking a walk around the yard. My nose hairs may have been frozen together and I had a difficult time keeping the camera straight but it was all worth it. I felt invigorated. And here’s what I witnessed:

No matter how much damage they cause, I can’t help but love having the deer visit twice a day:  

OK, maybe it bothers me a little:

The thought of them jumping into the raised bed is comical:
The birds that have remained are constant entertainment and I love the challenge of trying to snap them before they are off to their next destination:    

OK, fine, I doctored this shot a bit but it is pretty cool IMHO:

I could be wrong, but I’ve never seen the sedums have this much growth so early in the winter. Hang in there  guys:

That’s all … but it was enough.


7 thoughts on “A quick winter tour

  1. scottweberpdx

    Although I probably wouldn’t last long anymore, I do miss those bracingly cold days a tiny bit…it certainly makes a warm house even more appreciated! I’ve noticed my sedums coming up already as well…which I could swear never happens before February…what a weird winter we’re having so far.

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