I am one happy SOB

Oh baby! I am getting way friggin psyched!
I love this time of year when it takes just a little bit of investigative work to find signs of spring. To the “normal” person’s eye, it’s the end of February and winter is still in session.
But to the wacky gardener’s eye, spring has fought it’s way through and there is no looking back. 
Here are some recent photos from THIS “wacky gardener”:     
The Summer Snowflake bulbs are peeking through:

And will soon look like this:

The buds on the Viburnum ‘Aurora’ are oh so subtly transforming:

Will soon look this this:

And then BOOM, you get this beauty:

The Iberis ‘Snowflake’ (Candytuft) is just starting to show it’s new red growth:

Which will explode into this in no time:

The Phlox subulata ‘Emerald Blue’ (Creeping phlox) is also now showing its new reddish growth:

Soon to be followed by this:

And ultimately this:

This pile of green mush means little now:

But it foreshadows the beautiful blooms of the Lobelia siphilitica:

And finally, I can spot the buds forming on the Crataegus ‘Winter King’ (Hawthorn):

And cannot wait to see the blooms up close and personal for the first time in a few weeks (I had this tree planted last spring).

Ladies and gentleman, the end is near. Be very excited.


11 thoughts on “I am one happy SOB

  1. Melissa

    I am right there with you i just can’t wait for spring to get here. I keep going outside looking for more new signs that it is truly on it’s way.

  2. Jennifer

    I am excited too! Don’t you just love summer snowflake? I have some also. I’m way ahead of you in southern middle TN (<not bragging). We have daffs, winter honeysuckle, winter jasmine, hellebore, vinca vine, catchfly, and quince blooming right now. I am looking forward to daylight savings time too!

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