Surprise delivery from Skagit Gardens

It was THAT kind of box sitting on my front steps.

You know what I’m talking about. Box a little worn around the edges. Slightly damp. Well taped all around.

A box of friggin plants baby! And this one wasn’t expected. Boo ya!

I opened that box like a man possessed and was thrilled to see what was inside.

The delivery came from Skagit Gardens out of Washington and there were six different perennials inside. All new releases that I had never seen before. Good times!

Here is what I received, including a link to the plant description and photo on the Skagit Gardens site:

Campanula ‘Ringsabell Mulberry Rose’:

Coreopsis Big Bang Mercury Rising (couldn’t locate this one on the Skagit site, but did find a great photo on the Great Garden Plants site):

Lavandula angustifolia Violet Intrigue;

Phygelius CandyDrops Red:

Phygelius CandyDrops Tangerine:

Scabiosa columbaria ‘Mariposa Violet’;

I’ll be sure to track the progress on each one of these throughout the summer and into fall. I may need to “raise” some of these in containers because of my poor draining soil but that’s OK. The fun is in the journey.

Big thanks to Skagit Gardens for sending these!


8 thoughts on “Surprise delivery from Skagit Gardens

  1. Jenny

    Absolutely gorgeous flowers! And what a nice surprise to receive such wonderful gift! Hope they’ll adapt quickly to the new environment and you’ll enjoy beautiful blooms all summer long.

  2. lemonverbenalady

    You lucky ONG! I had ‘Violet Intrigue’ for a season or two. I think you will enjoy it. Hopefully it will be more perennial for you! I actually have gotten a scabiosa through the winter this year! I love them. I just seem to kill them regularly. I do not give up fortunately! Carry on ONG! I’ll stop by and see how they are doing!

  3. bakingbarb

    Jealousy for sure!!!
    Beautiful flowers your going to have going on, I love the Phygelius – those colors are quite pretty but I’m leaning towards finding a tangerine.

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