My favorite garden pics of 2012

A quick heads up, this post will be a bit self-congratulatory for my liking. These are all pics I actually took myself (granted, anything great was most likely an accident).   
But then again, I am kind of awesome, so screw it. 
Here we go, a trip through the seasons:   
This best represents why I don’t cut down my perennials for the winter: 

This photo was taken at the Philadelphia Flower Show and it inspired me to some day design a garden with only ornamental grasses:

My attempt at taking advantage of lighting with this Hypericum:

Spring is in the air … and allergies too:

I have an unhealthy lust for Viburnums:

Love these Campanula blooms up close:  

An Allium bloom right before it “pops”:

The only Peony bloom that survived the deer this year.

I like how the bee appears to be holding on for dear life:

Just a cool ass looking macro shot of a bloom that you would never really notice from afar:

Just fantastic color on this Astilbe:

My best attempt at controlled chaos:

A reminder of why I love native plants so much:

I think this pic best represents my gardening style; ornamental grasses and native perennials:

Again, trying to take advantage of natural light:

I just like it, even if the colors clash a bit:

MMMMMMMMMMMM, ornamental grasses:

This makes the cut because my son actually took this one:

A Hydrangea bloom “aging” well:

How many more colors can we get in this Miscanthus:

Autumn and Hunterdon County, NJ – perfect together:

6 thoughts on “My favorite garden pics of 2012

  1. Linda

    Great job, John…
    You have inspired me to do the same…
    Before the year is out…
    I….too…John….LUST after Vibernums…

    Linda :o)

  2. Angie

    Those pics were well worth the ‘self praise’ you (and your son) captured some lovely shots.
    You have a beautiful garden John. I think you may have inspired me to do a similar blog – if I can find the time that is 🙂

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