9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Waiting out the fog before getting a Christmas tree

  1. Giga

    We mgle też jest ciekawie i trochę tajemniczo. Uroczo uśmiechnięte są dzieci. Pozdrawiam.
    In the fog it is interesting and a little mysterious. A Christmas tree has definitely Christmassy. Charmingly smiling children. Yours.

  2. Gary

    Nice way to wait out for the tree John. Christmas trees are incredibly expensive here in the UK. How much would a Norway Spruce that size cost over there?

  3. Gardens at Waters East

    I think you just got all the fog we had this past week! Posted some photos of it. Lots more in the files. There is something about the “mystery” that fog adds to the moment. I love how it looks in some of my garden photos. Thanks. Jack

  4. outlawgardener

    Magical fog pictures! The two ornaments on the tree in the next to last picture are adorable. Where ever did you get them? Is that the grinch stealing your tree in the last photo? He looks a little shifty to me.

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