Sunday, March 31, 2013

Warning: This post is whiny and boring

March kind of sucked, eh? Good riddance.

I should clarify; the March weather is what really sucked. Every single day was exactly the same; gray, rainy, overcast, windy as all hell and temps ranging from 25 to 35 degrees.  

And of course that means we ain't got jack growing right now. A whole lot of brown with only a dash of green here and there.

Oh wait, I did forget about all of the tulips I nursed and brought to life this spring. Miraculously, they all bloomed at the same time this Easter weekend so the house was graced with beautiful arrangements:

Damn, I'm good.

And if you believe that I actually pulled that off, I truly appreciate your optimism. I couldn't grow a tulip if my life depended on it. The soil here in my township is so legendarily waterlogged that all of my fellow residents share their horror stories for hours on end. I kid you not. We all try to one up each other with lines like "You think that's bad? A cow got stuck in my sump pump last night." Not what I envisioned when we moved here 8 years ago.     

Where was I? Oh yeah, the crapbox weather (Happy Easter by the way).

I am so desperate for "action" out in the garden that any sign of life is way more thrilling than it should be. I honestly believe that no plants will make it through each spring. Woe is f'n me.     

So my apologies in advance for yet another boring tale of miniscule green growth. It helps me get through and of course, it's all about me. Off we go ... 

The thrill of seeing green growth on the cool season ornamental grasses is borderline orgasmic: 

When all else fails, the old reliable Catmint is there with visions of better things to come:

Spiderwort doesn't care about wet feet all winter and that is why she is allowed to stick around year after year:

I have stocked up on all sorts of Bee Balm the last year and they are all spreading as anticipated. I can already smell those delicious minty leaves:

It has gotten so bad that I am way too overjoyed at the site of soon to be boxwood blooms:

And after all of that exploration, there was some time to sit back and wait for the birds to discover my daughter's newly constructed bird feeder (assuming the daily 125 mph winds don't knock it down):

Keeping it positive as always.



  1. Never mind boring and whiny. I love the tulips pics!

  2. Well, I felt pretty whiny, but when I read your post I realized I have much to celebrate! I can at least grow tulips, and they are in full bloom in my garden now. Nothing else has put on much growth due to our unseasonably cold weather, but I do have more growth than you. Take heart, it will all start in earnest soon!

  3. I have nothing in bloom yet, some bulb growth but it's been pretty chilly here. I have tulips I bought at Whole Foods, look great on my kitchen table. I have begun to clean up the garden and cut down the grasses.


  4. I have some hyacinths, crocus, pansies in full bloom. But that is all! We have had unseasonably warm weather here in Colorado, my Daffodil's are days away from blooming, but my tulips are far behind. Any day now:) Can't wait!

  5. Love to know that I'm not the only one showing tiny, low-growing green things, in a hope that spring takes heart and actually shows up!

  6. I share your pain ! I go out every day and will those little green shoots to grow, grow, grow ! Seems they are not listening ! Nothing like a good tulip to make you smiley though !


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