Sunday, November 17, 2013

Podcast - "Rapid fire questions for three awesome gardeners"

My guests this evening were:

Janet - "The Queen of Seaford"

Mia - "Modern Mia Gardening"

Julie - "Growing Days"

I had a really great time with these fine gardeners/bloggers. I had my pen and notebook out the entire time as there were some pretty phenomenal tips and ideas doled out.   

So with that in mind, hurry up and listen to the podcast in its entirety here:

Podcast #4 - Rapid fire questions for three awesome gardeners


  1. Great time with John, Julie and Mia. Everyone should volunteer to be interviewed by John.

  2. What a fun interview! Thanks for including me. I have so many notes and ideas for the coming year. I agree with Janet that everyone should volunteer to be interviewed by John. You made it easy and painless, John.

  3. John, sorry I was such a scaredy cat about participating--it was so fun! You're a fabulous host, and I had the best time chatting with you, Janet, and Mia. Just remember--I coined the phrase "messy eclectic." I'll be trademarking it soon. HAHA! ;-)

    Thanks again for including me!

  4. Great questions, learned a lot...what do y'all do to build up your soil (a point made by one of the speakers)? I mulch my leaves w/ the lawn mower & spread them on my beds. Do you spread compost? If so, when? Thanks.


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