Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Waking up to winter

Guess who made an appearance today?

Old lady winter revealed herself overnight and with authority. While the snowfall was insignificant, it did make for a nice, albeit short, display:  

But it wasn't really about the snow at all. It was all about the frigid temps and the severe winds. 

I raced to bring the rosemary and a small plug of mint into the garage so they could be saved from the harsh conditions, knowing they would ultimately end up indoors for the winter. By the time I was done with that task, I couldn't feel my hands and had a sweet snot moustache. Good times.

Once what little snow we had melted, the winds took hold and have yet to stop. As bad as the winds are, I find myself entertained by the dancing ornamental grasses:

When we say grasses provide movement in the garden, this is the extreme.

In fact, check this out if you like watching grasses dance:

Think the grasses are scared? Hell to the "no". They'll bounce back. 

One last thing. And let's step back into fall for a minute.

We spent this past weekend in Connecticut with family (with hospitality like no other from J&N) and had a chance to visit my wife's cousin at Quinnipiac University. There is absolutely nothing like a New England autumn and nothing like a New England college in autumn.

Here are a few pics I snapped along the way.

While I may have put the family in danger by taking this photo on a narrow side road near the school, with cars flying by in all directions, it was definitely worth it:

The tree colors on campus were off the charts:

Consider me a new fan of all Quinnipiac sports based solely on their use of grasses: 

The views from all over the campus are extraordinary:

And coming from someone who has so few mature trees on their property,  I have severe leaf envy: 

Oh the compostable possibilities.

We are expected to get back into the 60's next week so I'm sure I'll be all autumn-loving again real soon.



  1. Great pictures as always. It's especially hard to fathom snow when our forecast is for 90 degree heat tomorrow. Of course, that can turn plants to toast too.

  2. Old man winter, not old lady winter. Better you than me with the snow....not ready for that!

  3. OK, now I want to move to new England--gorgeous! Your grasses inspired me to buy several varieties at a nursery closing sale, and they're tucked away in the greenhouse right now until I can catch up on some other things in the garden. We had disappointed kids this a.m.--snow/sleet was supposed to hit us last night (in SC! in November! Crazy!), but the storm missed us, and the kids pouted on their way to school. I'm all for a couple good snows each season--but not yet. Stay warm!

  4. Kris - I enjoy this weather somewhat, but already long for warmer temps.

    Janet - nice catch, and it was on purpose.

    Julie - NE is the absolute best! Can't wait to see your grass success, sweet! I am way jealous of your warm weather by the way.

  5. Beautiful as always! Gotta love those fall colors. In the central Ohio area we got about 1 inch of snow. I hadn't even raked the leaves yet as I was waiting for (at least some) of my Bradford Pear's to fall. But temps are to get up into the 50s a few days from now so hopefully all will be dried out. Love your grass video !!

  6. A True Gardener!!! Enjoying all the seasons of the plants.


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