Polar vortex’ing

Yep, more snow …

Still seems welcoming doesn’t it? Doesn’t it?

There is a young redtwig dogwood buried under there:

A feel for the amount of snow we were blessed with:

The bright sun provided some really cool shadows on the glistening untouched snow:

Why we keep the grasses up for winter:

I could hear the sedums quietly whispering “Help me”:

Awesome peeling bark on the Hawthorn ‘Winter King”:

And through it all, the Karl Foerster grasses remain upright:

The deer have been busy … you know how something is so ugly it can actually be cute? Yeah, me neither: 

A little bit of play time outside and someone was wiped the hell out:

9 thoughts on “Polar vortex’ing

  1. L. D.

    Your river birch is a great looking tree. The deer eating you little trees looks like the one Austrian pine that I have that was caught on fire during leaf burning.

  2. Gaia Gardener:

    The snow is beautiful – we could actually use some to protect the crowns of the plants and to melt slowly and keep our soil moisture up. I’m seeing cracks in the soil again….

  3. jj

    Great photography considering all the snow. It used to be real hard to get great color with all that white reflecting snow. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing

  4. Lee@A Guide to Northeastern Gardening

    I am not sure if it is still enjoyable but it does lend itself towards some nice picture taking. It has been so cold and snowy here I am afraid to go outside with my camera…afraid the lens will freeze or I will! The good thing is because it is so cold the snow is insulating the plants. Keep warm and nice photos!

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