Spring ahead

I have had my fill of “winter interest” for a few months weeks now and finally, friggin finally, there were some honest to goodness signs of Spring today. Nothing that got my panties all up in a bunch, but enough to whet the whistle for the time being.

There was enough snow melt to expose the ‘Red Carpet’ Sedum for the first time in 2014:

I found the first sign of an Iris:

I leapt for joy to see that the Peony I planted late last Fall survived the Winter:

Some daffodil bulbs announced their arrival:

The Allium bulbs I planted in a container and stored in the garage are emerging:


I even grabbed my canoe so I could travel through the newly formed rivers in my lawn to pay a visit to a Viburnum that is ripe with buds (suck it deer, I hid it well this year):

Now don’t get me wrong, it is still the frozen tundra out there:

But thing are looking up for the first time in ages.

I even spotted a creature that is common around these parts as the temps rise:

Dude is getting bigger by the minute. And I like the hurler’s form.

And it wouldn’t be a relaxing weekend day at home without the girl “creating”. Today she organized an elaborate basketball shootout that rewarded the victor with either a homemade “Rainbow Loom” medal:

Or the mother of all trophies:

Here’s to Spring and longer days and thaws and March Madness and bulbs and the return of baseball!

6 thoughts on “Spring ahead

  1. Julie Adolf

    It’s coming, John…you can make it. Soon, your garden will be so full of blooms that you’ll spend all day chasing away the deer from feasting on your plants. Hang in there. And darn these kids…why do they keep growing? Our two youngest both have birthdays next month–one more to become a teenager, God help us, and the oldest son getting married in two months. Crazy kids.

  2. Sharon Gorbacz

    Wish I could see what was coming up – the best I’ve got is a bit of bittercress and wild onion at the edge of one bed (which reminds me I need to weed those out before they seed). Most everything else is under a cap of snow. I have no idea what survived other than most of my trees – with the exception of my pretty little weeping laceleaf Japanese maple

    She may not recover from the damage, there is a severe split of about 5 inches down the middle of the trunk. I’ll see if I can wire the trunk back together once the snow allows me to get in there. If I have to take her out, I’ll redesign the entire bed – I was living with what the previous owner left for me, and I could do better.

  3. Larkspur

    Beautiful. Jealous of your woods.

    I was thrilled to see I was the GC winner! Woo hoo! I did send my email address– let me know if you didn’t receive it! Thanks!

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