Yet another virtual garden tour

Geranium ‘Espresso’ continues to bloom its arse off:

With trepidation, I made a decision to underplant all of these geraniums with Lysimachia. Brown/yellow color combo, 1970’s anyone?:

Sigh …

Still a sucker for a purple/yellow combination:

Not sure how, but the tiny little Lilac I planted last summer is blooming like mad already:

The Astilbe show is coming to a yard near me soon:

If you set a foot outdoors in my yard today, you are overwhelmed with the scent of Honeysuckle from the 100 or so shrubs that are on my property. Kind of delicious:

While they are nearing bloom time, let’s face it, Lady’s Mantle are all about how they capture the raindrops:

Tsuga canadensis (Eastern Hemlock) ‘Moon Frost’ just put on its new growth and looks fantastic:

Same goes with Juniper ‘Gold Cone’:

Panicum (Switch Grass) ‘Heavy Metal’ has made an appearance and we welcome her with open arms:

But most importantly, there are actual signs of a true “garden”. Plants co-mingling and looking OK:

Good times.

3 thoughts on “Yet another virtual garden tour

  1. rdtjr05

    Lovely photography. Just stumbled across your blog on a search for pictures of Lady in Red hydrangea.

    Gotta tell you as a gardener in Middle TN, that photo of Japanese Honeysuckle above the Alchemilla is giving me the heebie jeebies.

  2. Tatyana@MySecretGarden

    Hi John! I think that May blooms and foliage are the best! They are fresh and not faded by the mid-summer sun. I am impressed by the number of honey-suckle plants in your garden!
    Lady’s Mantle is a star with the rain drops. I read recently that it was one of the favorite plants of Vita Sackville-West of Sissinghurst. I understand why. Thanks for the tour!

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