Post-book writing bliss

These past few days have been slow. Slow in a delicious way.

I’ve never felt more relief than after clicking that “publish” button. The book was out in the universe and I couldn’t stop it or change it.

**Take a quick glance to your right and you’ll see the book is for sale at Amazon.**

No more tweaking. No more anxiety. No more over thinking. It was done and now it was time to take a breath and reunite with the family and come out of the foxhole.

Time to coach softball.

Time to talk advanced baseball metrics with my son.

Time to see my wife and relieve her of editing duties (which she killed by the way).

Promotion of the book could wait. That’s for another day/week/month/year/lifetime.

And wouldn’t you know it, one of the first places I turned for some calmness was the garden. It felt different than it had the past few weeks. My pace through the garden was slower and devoid of plant facts and anecdotes and book material. I just enjoyed growth and flowers and even those adorable little weeds.

Pops of color from the bulbs never looked better.







Even a sole bloom that seemed to have come out of nowhere just felt right.


The promise of more to come.


Some of the perennials have started to bloom.



And one shrub has the entire street asking “What is that near perfect smell emanating from your lovely spring garden, John”?


Foliage growth from the perennials continue and even a few of the grasses have awoken.




In my state of bliss, I even managed to cut down all of the ornamental grasses.


























5 thoughts on “Post-book writing bliss

  1. Bill

    Congrats, John, and a wonderful post!

    You and I might be the only two people on earth who are married with kids, passionate about gardening and frequently delve into advanced baseball statistics. Glad I’m not the only one! Keep up the good work!

    1. jmarkowski Post author

      Now you have me thinking about a new blog concept Bill. Thanks so much. BTW, who is your baseball team?

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