Coupon codes for my book and Santa Rosa Gardens

Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Head over to Santa Rosa Gardens now and save 40% on their in-stock inventory by using the coupon code “40foryou” at checkout. The deal expires on 6/8 so stock up now. I’m scouring the site as I type this.

And if you head here and use the coupon code “8KQUT6K5” you can get 25% off of the purchase price of my new book “Perennials Through the Seasons”.

You won’t regret it.

But if you do, don’t let me know.















One thought on “Coupon codes for my book and Santa Rosa Gardens

  1. Bill Hodgeman

    Just ordered five ornamental grasses from Santa Rosa:

    Andropogon Red October
    Panicum Rotstrahlbusch
    Pennisetum Ginger Love
    Muhlenbergia Undaunted
    Miscanthus Morning Light

    Can’t wait! Thanks for the introduction and the Coupon Code!!!

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