Amsonia ‘Blue Ice’ and Ajuga ‘Black Scallop’

After the first hard frost hit earlier this week, “color” in the garden is at a premium.

The one spot that stands out right now is this combination of Amsonia ‘Blue Ice’ and Ajuga ‘Black Scallop’.


This Amsonia is absolutely on fire right now in terms of fall color. And it looks even better with the almost black foliage of the Ajuga at its feet.


Shockingly, I didn’t plan this combo (sarcasm alert).

I originally planted the Ajuga as a means to control the weeds around the stepping stones that lead from my back deck. And of course I also dug the dark, chocolate-like foliage.


Soon after I purchased 6 ‘Blue Ice’ plants and needed to find them a home. Planted among the Ajuga seemed to fit the bill and so, I did just that.

After a few years of living with this combo, I can safely say that just as the Ajuga blooms start to fade, the Amsonia ‘Blue Ice’ flowers emerge.



From there, the Amsonia is covered in blue star-like flowers for weeks on end.




Once the blooms disappear, both of these plants provide clean and contrasting foliage up until the fall color arrives, which typically starts in mid-September.

This spot in the garden is in full sun, frequented by deer and rabbits and the soil remains wet most of the year.

To date, these two plants have thrived in these conditions.


5 thoughts on “Amsonia ‘Blue Ice’ and Ajuga ‘Black Scallop’

  1. DeBonis Karen

    Ajuga – one of my favorites! I have a few varieties in several places, and so far the deer have ignored it. I’ll have to look into the amsonia – it’s very pretty and a nice combo.

  2. Saurs

    Wow, every season that is a beautiful pairing. Amsonia in my neck of the woods tends to flower sporadically in order to survive considerably drier conditions than pictured above, also necessitating a shadier spot. I imagine that Ajuga cultivar requires a fair amount of sun to retain that rich, chocolate-y brown. Still, an effect worth considering and trying to replicate. Thank you for that inspiration.

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