A book update

Good afternoon friends.

Hope you had a decent week and hope you are looking forward to this upcoming weekend. It’s supposed to be warmer here in NJ which will hopefully remove all of the snow and ice that I’ve grown to despise more and more each year.

The 2nd book has been written. That was the fun part. That was the easy part.

Now it’s time to edit and determine how it will be pulled together. There are 42 short stories and I really hope they all make it to the final product. Grouping them into sections/chapters and creating a flow has been challenging. I know what I want to say and why. I just need to ensure that it translates to the reader as well.

I hired a freelancer to assist with copy editing, cover (front and back) design, proofreading and file creation so this book can be created as hardcover, softcover and as an e-book (Kindle). This will ensure a great looking final product. I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope the writing can keep up.

As of right now, I have two weeks to submit the final manuscript so her work can then commence. I’m thrilled to have an actual deadline and will be head down for the next 14 days. I look forward to it and have massive anxiety at the same time.

Here’s where you all come in: I still don’t have a working title. I desperately need your help. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Here are the tentative section/chapter names as a guide:

“Early gardening interest” (Childhood)

“Finding my way” (College, writing, jobs, early adulthood)

“Getting educated” (On all things gardening)

“Taking it to the next level” (Hardcore gardening)

“Looking back to look forward” (Looking to childhood joys for inspiration)

“Worlds collide” (Gardening and writing)

“All in the family” (Gardening + Writing + Family)

“Inspiration” (Who and what keeps me going)

“Evolving” (Gardening and in life)

“Navigating through” (Fun times, tough times, the future)

Let’s up the stakes. If I choose your title, I’ll send you a gift card to one of my favorite online plant purveyors.

So get those brains churning, feel free to ask me any questions and please, save me from myself.

Thank you.



10 thoughts on “A book update

  1. Johanna

    How about “Life is a Garden”? That’s just a quick, off-the-top-of-the-head kind of title. I’ll think it over more and come back if I think of a more impressive title.

  2. Peggy

    Shouldn’t “Leaves of Grass” work somewhere? Isn’t combining gardening, writing, and family a form of composting? Rather than Evolving, aren’t you Growing?

    Just random thoughts..

  3. Laura Schiff

    “My Garden Journey:”
    A journal of inspiration, scents, visions and joy

    Can add scents/sense or senses.

    Ideas for free from a “Jersey girl” living and gardening in Colorado for many years.😊

  4. Bill Hodgeman

    How about: You Can Lead a Horticulture, But You Can’t Make Her Think.
    Catchy, huh?
    Or maybe Who Stole My Pruners? My Life as a Heterosexual Married Man Who Thinks Flowers Are Pretty
    How about:
    Turning Over: How I Became an Obsessive Neurotic Gardener
    (this is a play on turning over soil, turning over a new leaf, etc.)
    And finally, the obvious:
    The Obsessive Neurotic Gardener (which I think would be a fine title for a book)

  5. Joy Mead

    Maybe something including the words Meandering Path
    My Meandering Path
    Meandering Pathways Through My Life
    Meandering Pathways to a Garden

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