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Atlas Nitrile 3701 gardening gloves

This is not a paid endorsement. I wasn’t given these to trial and this isn’t a sponsored post. My wife bought me gardening gloves two years ago and they are easily the best I’ve ever owned. They are the Atlas Nitrile 3701 gardening gloves.


As you can see, I’ve beaten these up something good and yet they hold up like a champ. Not one tear in the glove to date and my precious little hands have been preserved as a result.

And while they’re tough as nails, they are thin enough to allow me to pick even the smallest of weeds with my fingertips. The best of both worlds.

That’s it. Get them. They’re the best. When I wear them, I wield my rake like I’m indestructible.
gloves 2

QOTD: Which gardening gloves do you use?