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A frigid stroll

I was home early from work today and made it a point to walk around the yard despite the sub freezing temperatures. There is a lot of “brown” all around, but upon closer inspection, there is still a nice variety of subtle colors and textures keeping things interesting.     
I’m assuming the red tipped boxwood leaves indicate stress from the cold, but I still find it to be an interesting part of their life cycle in the fall/winter. Call me crazy:  

Speaking of boxwoods, the Japanese boxwoods have turned their usual yellow/orange as the temps drop and now is their time to shine as everything else dies around them:

The basal foliage (foliage that hangs low to the ground under the stems) on many of the perennials have maintained their color and only now, truly stand out amongst the carnage. I’ll take it:

Achillea ‘Moonwalker’

Penstemon ‘Husker Red’

Physostegia ‘Summer Snow’

The seed heads on the Mountain Mint (Pycnanthemum incanum) look fantastic and maybe, just maybe, I’ll finally harvest the seeds:

This is a mystery Heuchera that has held it’s color better than any other I currently own. Any idea of the cultivar? Need more, stat:  

I went on an Arborvitae shopping spree two years ago and while they have been a bit slow to establish, the varying colors displayed throughout the seasons have been impressive:

My apologies if I’ve bored you to death but when you’ve got the “plant obsession” you can find interest any time of the year.