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Campanula glomerata (Bellflower) ‘Joan Elliot’

Some times, the best decisions are those made on a whim.

A few years ago, I was checking out the “clearance” section on the Bluestone Perennials website and just before I was ready to hit “checkout”, I added a few Campanula glomerata ‘Joan Elliot’ to my order.

Years later, it is still the gift that keeps on giving:

This perennial has performed like a champ ever since I planted it. The blooms are a given come early May when I eagerly anticipate the opening of the buds:

   Before I know it, there are countless blooms and it is a sea of dark purple:

   Once the buds have completely opened, each individual flower is a beauty:

This campanula thrives in full sun for me but it apparently also will perform well in part shade. I have mine at the foot of some peonies and when the two bloom simultaneously, it is a killer combination:

I also have a few next to a Weigela ‘Wine and Roses’ and the flowers coexist nicely with the red foliage:
Some additional quick tidbits:
  • Typical size is 18″ x 14″
  • Survives in zones 3-8
  • Adapts well to wet clay soil (can I get a hell yeah?)
  • There is sporadic rebloom if deadheaded regularly
  • I’ve had no issues of it being overly aggressive but I’ve read complaints from some
  • Division is suggested every 3-4 years (and I plan to do so in spring)  

So what do you think? Would you give it a whirl?