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“Garden of the Gods” – Philadelphia Flower Show

A few days ago, I posted a plethora of pictures from the Philadelphia Flower Show. It was a colorful collection of tropical flowers, foliage and art that deeply stimulated the senses. It was a welcome sight at this time of year and an inspiration to become more and more creative in my gardening endeavors. 
Speaking of “creativity”, the garden display that impressed me the most at the PFS and kept me coming back for more was:     

What made this display so interesting and different was the fact that there wasn’t a flower to be found and this was the Philadelphia FLOWER Show:

Maybe because I saw it near the end of my visit, it was a chance to rest the eyes a bit. But every time I walked away, I eventually made my way back. There were at least three different Carex cultivars used and home boy is a sucker for any Carex.

After a little research, I found this description of the “Garden of the Gods”:

A fantasy rock garden inspired by the wind-carved stone formations and lunar-like landscape of Garden of the Gods, an unexpected high-desert area on the island of Lanai. Legend says ancient Hawaiian gods created the garden by dropping boulders from the sky. 
I also found this on the designer’s web site, Handmade Gardens:    

Michael Petrie is known in horticultural circles for his wildly beautiful and unconventional exhibits for the Philadelphia Flower Show, many of which have won “Best in Show”.  

I couldn’t agree more with that statement as I totally dug what the display was going for.

Before I get to some additional photos, here is a link to the video for the “making of” The Garden of the Gods.

OK, photo time:

What do you think? You with me on this one?