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Heuchera ‘Blackout’

I would never consider myself a Heuchera (coral bells) groupie and in fact, I find the color of many of them to be quite garish. Not to mention (which of course I’m about to mention), I’ve killed more of these than I’ve kept alive (don’t even think about declaring them as “deer or rabbit resistant”).

Now having said that (which is a really frustrating and nonsensical phrase when you break it down, but it just rolled off the tongue keyboard here) I love me some Heuchera ‘Blackout’. That deep color kicks some major booty and is the ultimate edger for me.     

I have mine planted in half sun/half shade and in one of the few spots in my yard that is well drained. They have been nibbled a bit by some rabbits but always recover without issue. 

They are no larger than 1′ x 1′ and all they require is a trim in early spring to remove the tattered, winter damaged foliage.

My plan is to divide these this spring and experiment a bit in different locales (some full sun, some in poorer drainage, some closer to deer territory) with the smaller divisions.

More to come …       

My friend is dumb

A good friend of mine, a non plant and gardening fan, said to me recently “How many pictures can you possibly take of all your plants. Aren’t you done with it all yet?” 
I responded with “No, you’re dumb, you have no soul and you don’t know anything about gardening so you have no grounds to say anything on the topic. And oh yeah, the Chicago Bears are awful and so is your grammar.”
See, a very mature response on my part. 
So this post is dedicated to you today Alex, may you some day look back and understand the absurdity of your comments. 
A few quick items today:
Love this color combo, especially this time of year when it stands out more than ever. A bonus – it is what I see every time I look out my front window:            

This Hawthorn ‘Winter King’ was only planted this spring and I already love its amazing shape and silhouette. May it survive our brutal winter winds:

And last but not least, the Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla) still keeps on keeping on and still remains one of my absolute faves in or out of bloom:

Feel free to criticize Alex all you want in the Comments.