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Iris ‘Gerald Darby’

OK, I have identified my first “must-have” plant for 2012.

While reading the most recent issue of Fine Gardening magazine, I came across one of their plant recommendations for Iris ‘Gerald Darby’.

First off, you had me at “Iris” as this is one of the few plants that absolutely thrives in my wet clay conditions.

Secondly, I was completely reeled in by the color of the spring foliage:

I love that color and already have so many ideas as to what I can pair it with (thinking red foliage).

Thirdly, check out the phenomenal blooms:

Done and done.

To get an incredible write-up on this Iris along with stunning photos, check out this link at Nancy Ondra’s Hayefield website – http://hayefield.com/2011/01/19/one-plant-three-seasons-iris-gerald-darby/. She will sell you on it more than anyone ever could. Hot damn!

For now, I’m about to click on the “Add to cart” link on the Heronswood site.