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Vacation to the Northwest – Part 1

The family and I were on vacation all last week in the beautiful Northwest (outside Portland, OR) visiting my in-laws and we could not have had a better time. We packed in a ton within a week’s time (trip to the coast, two days in Seattle) and are still in a state of recovery. I’ll need to keep it simple for today as I am doing my best to not doze off as I type this.        
My in-laws live in the northern Willamette Valley which is one of the world’s best Pinot noir wine regions:    

So it was a no-brainer to leave the kids at home for the day so my wife and I could do some serious wine tasting. And we rocked it.

While it was an overcast and foggy day (and we expected as much), the scenery at the wineries was as fantastic as the Pinot:    

I think my personal favorite was David Hill Winery where the tasting was held in an old farmhouse and our hosts could not have been more down to earth and gracious:

We even shared a New Jersey connection with one of the women which lead to some interesting conversation.

We did not make any purchases (which can be difficult to resist when you’ve been drinking) considering the effort to bring the wine home on the plane, but will be sure to order on-line now that wine can be shipped directly to New Jersey.

Good times were had by all. More on our trip tomorrow when I’m capable of writing coherently.