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The late August garden

The latest and greatest:

The signs of autumn are becoming less and less subtle. The Itea ‘Little Henry’ in the front are half green/half scarlet red. The Amsonia hubrichtii is revealing orange hues throughout. The Panicum in the upper left is now showing signs of its yellow fall color and even the blooms on Joe Pye Weed are transitioning to a richer and darker pink.


The blooms on Pennisetum ‘Desert Plains’ recently emerged in full force.


A smorgasbord of ornamental grass blooms. It’s tough to identify them all individually but included here are Panicum ‘Rotstrahlbusch’, Karl Foerster grass and Indian Grass.

And now here they all are individually.

I took a few steps back for this picture of Indian Grass to show just how prolific it is as a focal point at the end of my driveway.


Red for days on Panicum ‘Rotstrahlbusch’.


Those Karl Foerster blooms still soaking up the sun like champs.


Lobelia siphilitica (Cardinal flower) still popping up everywhere, including smack dab in the middle of this ornamental grass.


Have I mentioned Amsonia in every post so far this year? Here’s another one.


You know I attempted (key word here) to remove all of my Northern Sea Oats. While it continues to stick around, there’s no denying that it is stunning in the right light.


I’ll take the blush/pink faded blooms of this Hydrangea over the bright white blooms any day. Quintessential late summer color.


There are very few berries on Viburnum ‘Emerald Lustre’ that have been missed by the birds.


Boltonia in full bloom, fortunately being held up by the neighboring Miscanthus ‘Variegatus’.



Vernonia noveboracensis (New York Ironweed) while blooming, has been devoured by some critter so it’s a bit ugly right now. Yuck.


Butterfly chasing adventure of the week: Common Buckeye.


Ornamental grass update

Breaking ornamental grass news in my garden:

Pennisetum ‘Desert Plains’ just started blooming after only having been planted this spring:



Panicum ‘Ruby Ribbons’ with fantastic color even though it has been a struggle to get this one established:  panicum

Andropogon gerardii ‘Red October’ a color-palooza right now: andro

Helictotrichon ‘Sapphire’ (Blue Oat Grass) also with phenomenal color when exposed by the sun:

little bluestem

The stately blooms on Molinia ‘Skyracer’ (Tall Moor Grass) continue to put on a show for weeks now:


The blooms of Panicum (Switch Grass) intertwined with Lobelia vedrariensis: lobelia

And if they haven’t proven their worth enough, ornamental grasses even provide support for taller blooming perennials, like this Helenium (Sneezeweed) supported by Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’: sneezeweed