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Another side of New Jersey

When I say New Jersey, what is the first image that comes to mind? Quick, you have five seconds … tick tick tick tick tick. Time is up.

Is it this?

Or maybe this?

Big hair, maybe?

While all of these images are full of NJ flavor, I am here today to hopefully show you another side of the “Garden State”.

This was the first weekend in nearly two months where we had nothing to do. So after sleeping in on Saturday morning (oh the joy), and having a nice lazy ‘ol time, we ventured out to our favorite pick-your-own farm in Milford, NJ. Phillip’s Farm (click here for their website) is located out in the “country” in beautiful Hunterdon County. The goal was to get blueberries (near the end of their season) and peaches. And we scored big time on both fronts.


The kids were way into it and I think they get the whole eating healthy and fresh thing which we will continue to hammer home into their impressionable brains:


Now some facts to back up my home state agricultural dominance:

  • New Jersey ranks 2nd in the nation in blueberry production growing 38 million pounds of berries each year.
  • New Jersey grows 13.8% of the nation’s blueberries.
  • New Jersey is 3rd in the nation in cranberry production.
  • New Jersey is 4th in the nation in peach production.

After we secured our bounty, we headed into the charming river town of Frenchtown to visit the store “Two Buttons” (click here for their website). Why is that so cool you ask? Well, it is owned by Elizabeth Gilbert and her husband, Jose, both of “Eat, Pray, Love” fame and soon to be portrayed by Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem in the movie version. Jose greeted us as we entered the store and offered us a glass of wine. And I’ll tell you what, he charmed the pants off of me. Very cool, chill guy and the store was very unique with an artists’s vibe. Will definitely be back.

And finally, a quick stop at another favorite local farm, Peaceful Valley Orchards (click here for the website) for some peach pie, cider donuts and a few super cheap perennials. The kids also love feeding the goats on the premises (OK, I am a sucker for it too)

So, please, next time someone says to you “How you doin?” with an awful Jersey accent, punch them in the face for me.

Much appreciated