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Enjoying a rainy day

Nothing but rain here since last night. Now this is fantastic for the garden, especially for all of my recently transplanted plants, but it did keep us cooped up inside … for most of the day.
My wife and son headed out to the movie theatre in the early afternoon to see the last Harry Potter flick. My daughter and I stayed home and tried to make the most of our time indoors. It worked for a while as we played Twister (holy crap I’m old) and Memory (I let her win of course) and recorded some fantastic tunes on her microphone. But, we still kept looking out the window longingly. I then suggested we head out with our rain ponchos and walk around in the torrential downpour. She freaked the freak out with excitement:          

It couldn’t have been more fun and as if nature knew of our plans, we ran into a family of deer:

And found this dude chilling in the driveway:

My mind and camera started to wander a bit:

But quickly focused back on what would make this day memorable:

Some times it is the simple things that make a day like this stick in your memory and I know I’ll cherish it for a long time.


After The Rain

We had a nice, long cooling rain last night that was music to my ears as it pounded on the windows. I could also tell that the plants were very thankful this morning as they all seemed to have a little jump in their step.

Quick diversion though, before I show you some of the “After the Rain” photos.

When I typed in the title for this post, it immediately brought me back to one of the “so bad it’s good” MTV videos from the late 1980’s. I grew up on MTV and admittedly was a “Hair Metal” fan back in the day (I’ll give you a second to let those words sink in).

“After the Rain” by Nelson is so awfully good and I urge to watch it before proceeding:


Fantastic, right?

Photo time: