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Macro photography on Instagram

I’m still plugging away at my new found love for macro photography using the camera on my Samsung Galaxy 7 phone. As phenomenal as the phone is, it is in conjunction with Instagram where it all shines. Macro photography on Instagram is stunning and I’m having a grand old time studying others work and tweaking my own work along the way.

Some of my latest pics are included below and if it wouldn’t be a bother, I’d love to get your input on which ones you like the best.¬†Admittedly, these photos lose a little when not viewed via Instagram but hopefully you can see what I was going for when I was taking them and hopefully they still look OK through your collective eyes.

Would you be so kind as to let me know your top 3 photographs in a comment below? A simple #3, #8 and #11 would be perfect. But should you feel like you have to provide additional feedback in the worst way, I would welcome it and be forever grateful.

I have something in the works with these photos and your opinions would be a huge boost to that endeavor. To be revealed at a later date …

Thank you a ton in advance.

1. Anemone petals

macro photography on instagram


2. Dew on anemone

macro photography on instagram


3. Boltonia bloom cycle



4. Boltonia unfurling



5. Aster

macro photography on instagram


6. Sneezeweed



7. Sneezeweed petals



8. Hardy ageratum



9. Rudbeckia



10. Geranium



11. Coneflower



12. Dew on leaf



13. Tomato



14. Sorbaria