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Sedum Red Carpet

An evergreen mahogany/red plant? Um, yes please, I’ll take 10. I give you Sedum Red Carpet:

I found this gem a few years ago at Lowe’s in the dead of summer. There were five of these on a clearance rack looking ratty and on their last breath. At $1 a piece, I couldn’t let them die a slow death so I took them all home.

As you may know by now (through my incessant complaining) I have poor draining soil so you would think these would never work for me. Luckily, I had one spot open along my front sidewalk that actually drains real well because it is mostly sandy from the construction of the sidewalk. These would be the perfect fit … IF they could survive the harsh summer conditions.

I’ll cut the drama nonsense and let you know now that they have thrived since that day. I’ll also give you some additional factoids on Sedum Red Carpet:

    • Size – 4″ high by about 18″ wide
    • Prefers full sun
    • Survives zone 3-9
    • Prefers sandy well draining soil
    • Mine bloomed for the first time last August – seems to be somewhat of a finicky bloomer
    • Typically used as a groundcover in hot dry spots. I have mine along my walkway and they help soften the lines of the stones
  • From what I’ve read online, it is not known to be an overly aggressive spreader like other sedum groundcovers. I must admit, I did just find one popping up pretty far away from the mother plant (did I use the right term there?)
    • As mentioned previously, Sedum Red Carpet is evergreen here in zone 6 and does look fantastic all winter
    • It is mat forming and forms roots at the nodes as you hopefully can see in the photo below
    • Would make a great “spiller” in containers – c’mon Lowe’s, take bad care of more of these and I’ll take them off your hands.
    • I love the way Sedum Red Carpet looks next to yellow or chartreuse foliage and have these in front of a few Spirea ‘Little Elf’


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