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Starting seeds indoors

I’ve never been able to grow vegetables with any success due to my poor draining soil (waaahhh, I know, I sound like a broken record) and hovering deer population (ditto with these guys). Because of that, I’ve attempted to grow them from seed in containers on my deck. I’ve had some good fortune with this venture but have struggled to find the time to do it right. Keeping the seeds moist, thinning out the seedlings and doing it all before many of the veggies bolt hasn’t been given the necessary attention it deserves.

But spring is now here and we all start anew. Like everyone else, I am loaded with optimism. This is the year I supply the family with homegrown food throughout the spring, summer and fall.

And it all starts today.

I started seeds indoors for the first time (technically the second, I failed miserably last year but kept that on the down low) and WILL teach myself to transplant these seedlings outdoors through trial and error. Here are the seeds I’ve chosen from Seeds Now:        

I am starting small and keeping it simple for now. I even purchased a seed starting kit to save time knowing there are more creative ways to do this for no money at all.

Wish me luck.

Next week, I’ll be direct sowing seeds outdoors in containers. Good times.