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Acorus gramineus (Sweet Flag) ‘Oborozuki’

Not all plants can be the star of the show or the focal point in the garden. We need those hard workers who help the other perennials and shrubs shine.   
Like Sweet Flag ‘Oborozuki’:   

I needed a groundcover for the edge of my driveway that could “withstand” the water that runs off of it and stays consistently wet. I envisioned it being a grass-like groundcover that would contrast well in color and texture with the surrounding plants.

Well, while researching Sweet Flag ‘Oborozuki’ a few years ago, I was immediately sold when I read that it prefers “bog-like” conditions.

I placed the order for a bunch of small plugs with Santa Rosa Gardens and here we are three years later:  

Some bits of info on this plant:

  • Survives zones 5-9
  • Prefers partial sun but also works in full sun if kept consistently moist. Mine has thrived in full sun to date.
  • Size is roughly 12″ x 12″
  • Deer resistant
  • Golden yellow color with green stripes
  • Can be divided every 2-3 years which means I’m about ready to do the deed
  • Has small, insignificant seedheads that admittedly, I’ve never seen
  • The Sweet Flag name comes from the citrus-like smell of the leaves which I can confirm is true
  • One final interesting factoid I found on the ‘net – “back in the day” this plant was used in the production of beer and gin. Nice.        

This semi-evergreen groundcover holds up well into the winter and anything that gives me winter color here in zone 6B is a huge positive:

I also love the way this plant contrasts with the fall color of my Itea ‘Henry’s Garnet’:  

A plant with multi-seasonal interest that fits my growing conditions perfectly. Sold!!

So what do you think? Any experience with this one?


Please don’t go

Yes, the end of the gardening season is near – OK fine, I know it can extend through the winter, blah blah blah – and I’m doing my best to enjoy it while it is still here:
The blooms of Anemone ‘September Charm’ are holding on for dear life:

The sedum blooms have transformed into their coveted brick red color:

Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’ is at it’s peak: 

The Acorus gramineus ‘Oborozuki’ (also known as sweet flag but wanted to get my Latin on) are at their most vivid color right now and have truly enjoyed the sick amount of rain we’ve had the past two months:

Still loving the color of Thuja (Arborvitae) ‘Rheingold’:

And loving the sight of berries left behind as the trees shed their leaves:

Enjoy your weekend