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Containing my excitement

I am considering adding “schizophrenic” to my moniker just as a warning to readers to let them know I am all over the board in terms of emotions towards my garden. Yesterday big time negative. Today back on the positive beat. But I don’t think adding any additional letters to my URL address makes a whole lot of sense. Nor do I want to ruin the perfectly simple and sing-songy sound of ONG. Although Brilliant Obsessive Neurotic Gardener may appeal to a lot of you (and you damn well know who you are).

Here’s the short of it today – containers = awesome.

It took this thick Polish brain long enough to figure it out but count me in with the cool kids now (sort of reminds me when I got my first jean jacket back in ’85 and added a Def Leppard patch on it).                   

Just a few photos of what I’ve done this year to date:

Nothing earth shattering but a big step in the right direction for me. What I’ve discovered (and you all have known for centuries) is that containers are phenomenal because:

  • You have endless combination possibilities since there are no poor soil issues. All plants are in play.
  • They are mobile and allow you to move them around at will which sits well with someone indecisive like me.
  • The containers themselves add to the whole design scheme with so many options available.
  • You can keep your plants away from all the creatures that are out to make your life miserable.


  • You can easily access the edibles right off your deck.  

  • You can use them in areas to screen the undesirable where planting may not be possible. 

I should also add that direct sowing annual plant seeds into containers may end up winning the award for my “best move of the year”. So cost efficient, fun, educational for me and the kids and a chance to try out plants you cannot find in the local nursery.

Have a great weekend!