Plant shopping at lunch

Today kicked off the regular routine of plant shopping during my lunch break at work. It may have been 30 degrees and it may have only been at one of the “big box stores”, but it kicked some major booty.

Today’s highlights include:

$14.99 for giant redtwig dogwoods are a dream come true. Winter interest like no other.

Magnolias have never been on my short list, but the early blooms are way appealing this time of year and for only $19.99, why not give it a shot.
I was drawn to the bark on these crabapples and at $49.99, one can dream right?

If you see a Honda Civic with a giant goofball driving and a bunch of large plants stuffed in the back, make sure to say “Hi”.

Have a great weekend.  
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20 thoughts on “Plant shopping at lunch

  1. scottweberpdx

    Love the dogwoods…such great color…after seeing them all over town this winter I decided I would definitely put some in this year…invaluable for winter color. I love crabapples and wish people in the PNW used them more…I remember growing up our neighbor had the most glorious old crabapple that was gorgeous in the spring and in late summer/early fall we’d gather the tiny little apples and make applesauce…yum!

  2. Connor

    Wait until the first round of perrenials bloom then head to Lowes. They put them all out for about a buck each. I load up, plant them, and wait until the next year for them to bloom!

  3. Gatsbys Gardens

    I can’t believe you have all this to choose from already! However, you are a zone ahead so I am sure this is the reason. We are still cold with snow to come in zone 5.


  4. Byddi - We didn't come here for the grass...

    Ha – I can imagine you in the Honda Civic! I wish I had a really tall car for transporting some plants and things for the garden. A flat bed truck would also be nice, and also a dumper truck for loads like manure and mulch… In fatc I need a fleet of different vehicles – in the meantime the family saloon will have to suffice!

  5. Gary

    Hi ONG,
    Glad to see you’ve got hold of some dogwood….they can’t be beaten for winter colour. Look out for ‘Midwinter Fire’ as well, great contrast! I’m looking forward to seeing your garden evolve some more this year…get those gloves on…your public needs you!

  6. Heather at Dusty Bay

    Oh great stuff! That always happens to me too, especially at the grocery store when I’m supposed to be getting groceries… spend all my time in the garden section.. oh well – what a great way to spend your lunch breaks though!

  7. Dar

    Hi, Oh that was you! I thought I recognized those red dogwood twigs. We have them growing wild along the driveway to they cabin. I cut them for wreaths, also for their winter color.
    Lucky you, who can already shop for plantings. I am SO envious., but you still made my day.
    Have a great time planting, oh obsessive neurotic, you.

  8. On My Soapbox

    There are some variegated red twig dogwoods in my yard. They look great pretty much year ’round. Don’t be tempted by flame-twig dogwood, though, unless you like really invasive roots and lots of suckers.

  9. Asha Ram

    It’s a pleasure to shop for plants or to just wander into a nursery to say a ‘Hello’ to the plants. Pls keep us posted about the progress of these plants.

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