Big blog announcement

June 29th, 2013

Mark it on your calendar now.

I’m serious, most everything written on this blog from this day forward will be with that date in mind.

I am here to declare that I will have my property in tip top shape, like “I can give a garden tour shape”, by that date. And again, I’m f’n serious. I have a conviction to do this like I’ve never felt before and I will document every step along the way. It will be epic.

It all hit me while I was planting some bulbs early this morning. I found a spot where I could add some of my favorite daffodils:

A spot where the bulbs would fill in an empty spot in spring and also a spot where the decaying foliage would be hidden by emerging perennial foliage:

A simple task that gardeners perform all the time right? Yes, but today I never felt more invigorated while doing it. Let’s call it divine intervention; a calling if you will. Maybe it is more accurate to say that I felt a challenge from the universe I couldn’t resist. Too mystical and spiritual for you? Yeah me too, but I am gonna do it. All I needed to do was set a somewhat realistic target date and “Game on”.
Enough taking photos of flowers up close, shielding you from the mess around it.
Enough showing you what I’ve done wrong, seeking your sympathy.
We are going to get down and dirty and if you stick with me, you will hopefully witness an awesome transformation. I have no choice but to be confident and cocky now. 
I’m thinking about setting a strict budget so it can be tracked along the way and I can make sure I make smart decisions. 
I may even throw a party when it is done with some surprises I’m mulling over as we speak. The brain is on overload and I couldn’t be more excited.
611 days to go.          

19 thoughts on “Big blog announcement

  1. Janet

    611 days to go? That’s a wee while…I presume we will get updates along the way. I think this post should be called “being a hostage to fortune” or “you may get hung by your own petard” but who am I to be a killjoy when everyone else is so positive and encouraging? Go for it!

  2. Louise

    Good luck. I’ve made that promise to myself many times in the past, but always find that I’m not quite satisfied with the results, when I get there.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. There’s always room for another gardener and nature lover there.

  3. Cindy

    I like a man with a plan! Good luck and I’ll be along for the tour…and watching along the way! Good luck! You can do it!

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