My friend is dumb

A good friend of mine, a non plant and gardening fan, said to me recently “How many pictures can you possibly take of all your plants. Aren’t you done with it all yet?” 
I responded with “No, you’re dumb, you have no soul and you don’t know anything about gardening so you have no grounds to say anything on the topic. And oh yeah, the Chicago Bears are awful and so is your grammar.”
See, a very mature response on my part. 
So this post is dedicated to you today Alex, may you some day look back and understand the absurdity of your comments. 
A few quick items today:
Love this color combo, especially this time of year when it stands out more than ever. A bonus – it is what I see every time I look out my front window:            

This Hawthorn ‘Winter King’ was only planted this spring and I already love its amazing shape and silhouette. May it survive our brutal winter winds:

And last but not least, the Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla) still keeps on keeping on and still remains one of my absolute faves in or out of bloom:

Feel free to criticize Alex all you want in the Comments.


15 thoughts on “My friend is dumb

  1. scottweberpdx

    Hahahahahaha…I actually had a similar moment with a neighbor a few weeks ago. She stopped me while I was raking leaves and we started talking about the garden…she mentioned how I was always outside taking photos. I mentioned I had a blog and posted photos to it…she seemed SO relieved that I was actually using the photos for something…that the photo-taking wasn’t just part of my garden-centered neuroses!

  2. Laurrie

    Bad Alex. He doesn’t get it. That’s why you have to blog, to reach us, your understanding fellow garden obsessives. We get it! Bad Alex.

  3. Theanne and Baron

    Since it’s your blog John…of course Mr. A is totally uneducated about gardening and the nature of gardeners! Having a garden in this day and age of blogs means that photographs of that selfsame garden are absolutely essential!

  4. Corner Gardener Sue

    I don’t think I could criticize Alex any better than you did. My neighbors probably think that about me when they see me out with my camera. I like the view out of your window, too. I hope the lady’s mantle I had to move to the side yard survives winter.

  5. Ms. A

    I’m a non-gardener and an idiot… which is why I appreciate all you gardening folks and your beautiful photos. That’s about the only way I’ll get to enjoy it!

  6. Leslie

    Nice. I get those same looks and questions all the time from non-gardeners. They just haven’t found their own gardens yet that’s all. Maybe it’s our purpose to introduce each and everyone to the joy of gardening? The Winter King looks awesome in your landscape. One of my favorite trees 🙂 Also, I wonder what my neighbors are now thinking of me photographing all the birds in my yard.. Maybe they think I’ve gone birdy!

  7. The Violet Fern

    Lady’s Mantle is one of my favorites, too. I do wonder what my very close neighbors must think of my taking pictures all the time. That and the birding binoculars. Maybe the gossip will get back to me someday. It is a small town. Love all the textures, too! I really must find a spot for a River Birch. Highly recommend the coral honeysuckle. Brushwood Nursery sells online.

  8. Casa Mariposa

    Not only do my neighbors think I’m crazy but I might have flashed them a few times when out gardening in my bathrobe early in the morning in the midst of a garden panic moment. But I have the same reaction to sports that nongardeners have to gardening, so I can understand their boredom. But their yards look like crap and mine doesn’t so I win.

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