Astilbe ‘Deutschland’

Let’s talk Astilbe ‘Deutschland’ today, shall we?
This was a Bluestone Perennials purchase a few years back and I ain’t got no regrets. This shade loving perennial continues to increase in size each year but enough of me writing, let’s allow the photos to tell the story.
The foliage is a glossy deep green and almost fern-like. Here it is on May 1 (here in zone 6B):  

Upon closer inspection, you can see the reddish stems which give it a bit more depth:

By the end of May, you can see that the flower buds have formed and the red stems are even more prominent (sweeeet):

Two weeks later, we are in full bloom to everyone’s delight:

The blooms stick around for a good 3-4 weeks for me which typically, is the entire month of June.

A word of warning, however. These ladies need consistent water or they will “burn” pretty quickly:

High maintenance? You could say that, but since most of my plants are native and low maintenance (pats on the back are always welcomed) I can pull it off.

Even in the Fall/Winter, I let the spent flower panicles stay for ongoing interest:  

Some additional “deets”, as the kids like to say:

  • Typical size is 2′ x 18″ – works well planted in mass as a larger groundcover
  • Survives zones 4-9
  • Works in partial to full shade but I can only vouch for partial shade 
  • ‘Deutschland’ is a bit shorter and blooms earlier than most white astilbes 
  • Can be divided every 3-4 years (I have never attempted to divide an astilbe so maybe this is the year. Will let you know if it works and will lie if it doesn’t)


10 thoughts on “Astilbe ‘Deutschland’

  1. Leslie

    Nice choice John. My all time favorite Astilbe is called Vision. It’s a purple flowering one that literally has the scent of sweet grapes. HONESTLY! That’s one of the reasons I love it so. It has much thicker stems and robust flowers than other varieties and the flowers last for weeks. I also cut some and bring them in my house to further enjoy their scent.

    As far as dividing them.. Definitely! They are very easily divided and respond well to it. I divide mine every other year when they get really big.

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