13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Photos and a video”

  1. Beautiful pictures. Once we would hear a bird in the tree by our bedroom everynight. We finally were determined to find where and what it was. We did, it was a tree frog. I can’t hear video now, wish I could.

  2. I played your video three or four times, no clue. Very raspy call. We live in a virtual jungle and have so many frog calls it sounds like chickens clucking. We have a Great Blue Heron who makes some really ugly noises, any around you?

    Looks like spring is popping in your yard, very pretty.

  3. Thanks “Anonymous”! The video was a bit weak but I compared the sound to others on the Internet and it seems dead on. I’ve even seen the pheasant a few times the past few months. Great call even with poor sound.

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