A weekend of baseball and plants

I’m considering a blog name change to “Bee Balm and Baseball” or “Catmint and Curveballs” or maybe even “Dogwoods on the Diamond”. 
Baseball and gardening have sort of merged into this hybrid “past time” for me. I’m watching baseball on TV as I write this post. I find myself sneakily pruning shrubs while I’m pitching to my son. I’ll shop for seeds online while using my phone at my son’s baseball game. Hell, I even wrote a post on how baseball and gardening are very similar. 
And guess what? More of the same today.
Saturday was “Opening Day” for both my son’s baseball team and my daughter’s softball team:
Not only did they have both have their games at different times and locations, but also had their team photos at different times. The dreaded team photos are not too unlike herding a bunch of hyenas on Red Bull. I pity their poor coaches.
My daughter’s game was first and it couldn’t have been more entertaining. She actually wore a helmet into the field at one point and still gets confused as to which hand the glove goes on. But damn, I’ve never seen someone who enjoys being out on the field as much as she does. And she LOVES her uniform, and posing while in it.
Here she is in her first at bat. Take notice of the fact that her eyes are completely closed before the ball even reaches the plate:
Amazingly, she made solid contact AND knew she had to run to first base. Maybe I’m underestimating her interest.
And no one could match her “ready position” out in the field (Also, I guess cutting the lawn for opening day wasn’t in the plans):
When her game ended, it was time to shift to another field for my son’s first game. 
He was pitching for the first time ever and so that explains why I have no pictures of him or his team. My wife and I were an emotional mess the entire time and photography was the last thing on my mind. He had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time and we were so friggin anxious to see him succeed. And home boy did. Four strikeouts over two innings and only one run allowed. I’m already pushing thinking scholarship.
It was a long day out in the sun and we were happy to finally return home. And guess what greeted me in the driveway?:      

Real shocker, huh? Yes, another delivery. I ignored the rest of the family and dove in.

There were only three plants inside but they are damn solid ones. Check out this packaging, the best I’ve ever seen:

First, we have a Tsuga canadensis ‘Moon Frost’:

Next up is Hydrangea paniculata ‘Little Lime’:

And finally, the one I am most pumped about, the Chasmanthium latifolium ‘River Mist’ (AKA variegated Northern Sea Oats):

Good times for me. Each has their future home marked out and will be planted soon.

The long awaited and desperately needed rain arrived on Saturday night and continued on throughout the day on Sunday. I managed to jump outside at the only break in the rain in the late afternoon to snap some photos of the garden.

The Viburnum ‘Shoshoni’ started to bloom this weekend and I couldn’t miss out on capturing it:  

The Hawthorn ‘Winter King’ is about to bloom as well:

A few of the Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ are in full bud for the first time and I am super psyched to see the impending blooms:

Call me crazy, but I love Iris foliage and this Iris Versicolor looks as clean as a whistle:

The Pesntemon ‘Husker’s Red’ are emerging from their ratty old foliage and the world is a better place as a result:

And I never miss a chance to photograph Hypericum ‘Albury Purple’ during or after a rain:

It was a great weekend and I’m ready for more of the same for the next month or so.

Play ball!


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  1. Theanne

    your kids did great and yes I do love that packaging! sea oats are my favorite with “moon frost” a close second! great photos of the growing blooming plants!

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