13 thoughts on “What is this?

  1. Diana

    Red-Shoulder Hawk. These guys are smaller than Red Tails, larger than Coopers but will stalk your bird feeder as they will feed on birds or rodents attracted to the seed.

    The link from Stephanie is also a red-shoulder hawk (as are a lot of the images that come up on Google search for Cooper’s). Your bird’s tail is not nearly long enough for a Cooper.

  2. shenandoah kepler

    Hi John,
    We winter in Florida and see these hawks a lot. It is a red-shouldered hawk. I have done one in pastel, and if I can find it, I will send an electronic version to you. Best to you and yours this holiday!

  3. jj

    I have to agree with the majority of the above comments on the Red Shoulder Hawk. As long as you don’t have really small pets outside, keep her around. Mother nature put her here for a reason.

  4. Heide

    Just saw this post – how did I miss it? Definitely a Red Shoulder – I have been stalking them myself with a camera! They sit across the road from my house and pick fat squirrels off my birdfeeders. The song birds don’t seem to be afraid of them – unlike the Sharpshin who sends everyone into hiding. If you go to my post “Fur and Feathers” you can see a couple of shots I managed after many weekend mornings sneaking around the yard trying to get close without scaring them off

  5. Anonymous

    Red Shoulder Hawk, for sure. I’ve watched about 5 generations out my office window in the last years…

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