2013 – A Gardening Year in Review

As I sit here and review all of the gardening photos I’ve taken in 2013, I am both anxious for the warmer temps of spring and dare I say, enjoying the serenity of the winter garden. Yeah me! The goal has always been to find plant enjoyment 365 days out of the year and while there is still work to be done at that front, progress has definitely been made.    

So won’t you please indulge me and do me a solid by checking out this look back on all that went down in my garden (and a few pics of others gardens) in 2013? Grab a beverage, sit back and relax and dream of what is soon to come and what has been.

In chronological order starting in January of 2013:

A little winter interest to get us through the cold dark days of winter:

They are never too young to get involved with power tools … in freezing temperatures:

Starting seedlings indoors couldn’t be easier. Transplanting them outdoors … that is another story:

Cool season ornamental grasses are a must as they grant you some green blades when all we desire is green:

Is there anything more encouraging and promising than the signs of the first birds in spring? 

I was never a “bulb guy” back in the day as I found them too fleeting and not worth the effort. That was dumb:

Dividing large grasses in the spring is a friggin effort, but oh so worth it as the divisions take root so easily and spread the love:

More massing, greater impact:

Raised beds are a must to improve issues with drainage: 

 Deer in fact, do like peonies:


Anything that blooms in the morning-only when I’m typically not there to see it, really doesn’t bloom at all:  

Add me to the list of believers in weed control via cardboard: 

Native plants = good:

You can (almost) never go wrong with a path:

Visiting other gardens is the greatest inspiration of all (thanks “Gardens at Federal Twist”):

Texture > flowers:

Pinching back buds in early summer is a good thing as the bloom period extends that much further into the fall:

Green is good. Too much green is not. Poor planning John:

Seating under a shady tree is always warm and inviting:

You mean I can actually grow my own food? Who came up with that brilliant idea?

Note to self: Good idea to locate fantastically scented plants in an area where they can be enjoyed by others and at night:

Scarecrows that resemble real people will scare the crap out of your family and neighbors:

I dare you to sample that sharp bladed grass you destructive bastard:  

“Well look at that, you genius viburnum cross pollinator you”:

Blooms that last into the fall cannot be appreciated enough:

Ornamental grasses can work in tandem with each other: 

When the blooms are spent, the party isn’t over:

Have I mentioned that visiting other gardens is an inspiration? Even more so in the fall. Repeat thanks to “Federal Twist”:

When life gives you poor draining soil, you plant tulips in containers:

Clethra (Summersweet) never gave me any semblance of “fall color” … and then that all changed:

Thanks Google (specifically “Google Awesome”) for automatically adding falling snow to many of my winter pics. It doesn’t look corny or anything:

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