Monday, December 2, 2013

A busy holiday week

It has been a busy past week or so with the holiday and all, so I thought I would bring you all up to speed on what has been going on. 

Before I get into the details, here is an awesome photo of the autumn sky from this past week:   

Yes, that was completely random and yes, I didn't know where to fit it into this post and yes, I am looking for some mad props on the quality of the shot. Moving on ...

This past week we took the kids into big bad New York City (or "The City", as it is affectionately known here) to see the Christmas Spectacular:

The show was fantastic as it was the first time each of us had ever seen it. Times Square was, as always, sensory overload with hundreds of dressed up characters stalking people out like zombies. I've never seen so many ratty looking Elmos or Mickey Mouses (mice?) in my life and it became a game with the kids to see how well we could ignore their advances. Still, a good time as NYC is never dull.

It was a bittersweet moment on Thanksgiving as we spent our last holiday in the house I was born and raised in and where my parents still reside. My parents will soon be relocating closer to where we live and while we are thrilled to have them within a twenty minute drive, I'll miss the old house deeply. Even more bittersweet is the fact that I could not get a good photo of the eats from Turkey Day. Food photography is not my strong suit and if I posted the lousy pics, it wouldn't do my mom's cooking any justice. The only solid photo I managed to get was of the cupcakes that my mom made for the kids:
With the ridiculous amount of off the charts food my wife provides us, I vow to become a capable gastronomical photographer. Especially with my need to write/photograph over the winter when there is very little gardening action. I'm serious y'all, prepare yourself for food posts over the next few months. I may not be able to cook a lick, but I know how to eat.

As is our tradition each year, we went and cut down our Christmas tree at the local tree farm:

One of these years I will purchase a tree I can some how manage to plant outdoors after Christmas. How, I am not sure. But I will give it a shot as I am a bit depressed looking at that limp tree I am holding above.

There were other day trips, work done in the house, meals eaten out and in, but I may lose you if I go on any further.

Alas, in keeping with the theme of this blog, I have some garden/landscape photos for you. To say they are mostly brown is an understatement, but remember, brown is a color too. I have come to appreciate the calm and quiet of the winter garden and the subtle pleasure it provides. However, I still haven't found a way to fulfill that hard digging labor desire. I already miss the dirt under my fingernails.  



  1. Can't wait for the food pics! My garden is mostly brown now, as well. I like to think that seeing it bare over the winter gives me a chance to really look at the structure of the trees and bushes and see where I have "bald spots" that need a vertical lift. Then comes the hard part of trying to pick out something to fill the spots that fits my budget and dreams.

  2. I went out looking for colour in the garden today and found quite a lot when I started looking. Although you have a lot of brown there John, there is colour too!! Glad that you had a good thanksgiving. Sad about your parents moving, but good news that they will be closer, just an odd set of emotions together! Pop over to mine and see the colour! xx

  3. It looks as you delved deeply into the holiday experience last week. Kudos on taking your kids to NYC for the Christmas show. And the sunset photo is wonderful!


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