Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Podcast - "All things ornamental grasses with Shannon Currey of Hoffman Nursery"

Put another one in the books.

Last night I spoke with Shannon Currey, Director of Sales and Marketing at Hoffman Nursery, and it was all about ornamental grasses (boo ya). I kid you not, Shannon has my ideal job and I couldn't be more jealous. She gets to bring grasses home and "trial" them. Are you kidding? Sign me up for that friggin job right now.

Anyway, if you want to hear us chat about our favorite grasses, ornamental grass trends and this year's perennial plant of the year (spoiler alert, it's an OG) take a listen through the following link:

Podcast #5 - Shannon Currey

And I highly recommend you check out the Hoffman Nursery website by clicking here. I get lost in the plant listings and I'm sure you will too.



  1. Your podcast with Shannon Currey was certainly interesting. I have one bit of constructive criticism. The name of each grass was mentioned usually Once. From that point on, reference was to 'that grass' and 'it' -- for those of us who sometimes are distracted while listening there was much backing up and trying to find the name of the grass again because I didn't write it down on first mention while the podcast went on without me. I realize it sounds redundant to the speaker but with both a botanical name and a common name, it helps listeners to have them repeated.

  2. Jean, thank you for passing along that advice. John and I talked a lot about grasses, but we didn't emphasize the names. I'll definitely remember that for the future. For now, we've posted links on our website to the grasses that John and I discussed on the podcast. I hope that helps:


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