6 thoughts on “Astilbe ‘Amethyst’

  1. Kris Peterson

    Ah, another pretty plant we can’t grow in my area of southern California. This one is nonetheless offered by local nurseries but, if anyone in these parts has been successful treating them as anything other than an annual, I’m unaware of it.

  2. Bren Haas

    I have a few astilbes in my garden … your images make me anxious to find more at local igc’s to add to my garden! Great to connect with you on Facebook / Twitter.

  3. Lee@A Guide to Northeastern Gardening

    This is a nice plant. It looks similar to Astilbe ‘Purple Visions’ which I love. I never really used Astilbe a whole lot until about eight years ago or so. It is a beautiful addition for shade and does very well when you mass it in larger clumps. Another nice one is ‘Sprite’ which is a little different from the rest and blooms for a long time.

  4. Susan Hunter

    This is one of those plants offered by big box stores in inappropriate locales, such as Albuquerque. Just because they thrive in the East and Midwest some marketing “manager” foists this kind of plant (and hostas, for heaven’s sake) onto those of us who live in arid climates. It looks super in a NJ or PA meadow, though. I grew up a Bucks County girl, moved west.
    I am not partial to non-native ornamental grasses, just my personal taste. I looked at too many lawns with clumps of pampas grass in my formative years. I like lots of meadow “serendipity”.

    1. jmarkowski Post author

      Hi Susan – right plant, right locale. Can’t imagine Astilbe anywhere in an arid climate. Truth be told, I’m slowly moving away from Miscanthus and all in on Panicum and Sorghastrum. Love the meadow look myself. Thanks for the feedback!

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