Indian Grass blooms arrive

We have had incredible weather this long weekend so most of it has been spent outdoors on our back deck. We’re milking this summer thing for as long as possible.

Breakfast listening to nothing but the birds, including our friends the Red-shouldered hawks.

Watering and deadheading the container plants and harvesting the tomatoes and peppers that are still thriving on the deck.

Watching the sunset turn the sky into an intoxicating pink melange.

This time of year also brings about the stellar blooms of Indian Grass (Sorghastrum) ‘Sioux Blue’ which emerge right at the deck’s edge.

indian grass blooms

As soon as you set foot out of my kitchen and onto the deck, you are immediately drawn to them.

indian grass blooms

I find myself constantly touching the upright flowering stems and really love how they look up close where you can appreciate the yellow stamens.


Now having said that, Sorghastrum really shines (figuratively and literally) when planted among other grasses, shrubs and perennials.

Exhibit A:

indian panicum sage

Exhibit B:

joe pye indian panicum

All of this Indian Grass love has inspired me to widen an existing bed I can view from my deck, just so I can move additional ‘Sioux Blue’ that are located in other spots within the garden.

Operation “Kill the grass with cardboard and grow more plants” has entered into phase 1.

new bed



2 thoughts on “Indian Grass blooms arrive

  1. michaele anderson

    Your willingness to embark on Operation “Kill grass…” bodes well for your feelings about your property remaining pipeline free.
    Those stamens are so yellow…quite delightful…like it’s bedecked with teeny tiny finches.

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