Atlas Nitrile 3701 gardening gloves

This is not a paid endorsement. I wasn’t given these to trial and this isn’t a sponsored post. My wife bought me gardening gloves two years ago and they are easily the best I’ve ever owned. They are the Atlas Nitrile 3701 gardening gloves.


As you can see, I’ve beaten these up something good and yet they hold up like a champ. Not one tear in the glove to date and my precious little hands have been preserved as a result.

And while they’re tough as nails, they are thin enough to allow me to pick even the smallest of weeds with my fingertips. The best of both worlds.

That’s it. Get them. They’re the best. When I wear them, I wield my rake like I’m indestructible.
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QOTD: Which gardening gloves do you use?

8 thoughts on “Atlas Nitrile 3701 gardening gloves

  1. michaele anderson

    I definitely always use the rubber coated gloves but mine must not be of such high quality because I go through multiple pairs a year. Getting a 3 pair, 6 pair or even a 10 pair pack is always one of my joke gifts for Christmas. I will have to keep an eye open for the Atlas Nitrile brand.

    1. jmarkowski Post author

      Michaele – I usually rip gloves in days and these have held up like new for almost 2 years now. Super high recommend!

  2. Alice Sassone

    This is the type of glove I love, so I looked it up on Amazon. It is not the 3701, it is 370 L for large. I was about to place an order and I decided to look at the gloves I bought this spring at Fellows Riverside Garden Shop. Surprise they are by Nitrile 370 S. Judging by how fast I was wearing out my gloves I bought 4 pair. I guess I have at least an 8 year supply! They wash up like new too.

    The price on Amazon was the same as I paid locally, and the shipping is free for Prime members.

    1. jmarkowski Post author

      Alice – good to hear! And yes, the pair I am wearing in the photo is 370 L and not 1. My bad.

  3. Glory Lennon

    I have different gloves for different tasks. When dealing with heavy shovel, rake or pitchfork work I used heavy duty thick leather gloves, soft as lamb’s wool on the inside and tough enough so I won’t feel a thorn through them. For more delicate work I have a cloth type with a silicon palm rather a bit like yours…tough as nails they are and I’m very rough on gloves.

  4. Dereka

    I typically wear holes in the right glove but this year I got 12 pairs of Gardena gloves at Costco and they are great.

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