Butterfly and Bee chasing

I really wish I could record myself as I’m busy chasing around the butterflies and bees. There is nothing goofier than watching a 6 foot 3 inch man run from flower to flower trying to get the perfect shot of one of these creatures. The only thing funnier than watching me gallop around like an infant chasing a balloon, is watching me attempt to get into position for the money shot. It’s like a lesson in how not to perform a yoga move. Downward Dog gone wrong.

So as you look at these photos and the video below, just keep in mind what went into securing them. Know that there is someone on the other end of the camera who puts his own awkwardness aside for the benefit of the reader/viewer. A true selfless man who looks possible injury in the face and pushes on.

I am a warrior.


butterfly coneflower


butterfly cone flower 2


macro 2


butterfly bee balm


butterfly bee balm 2





6 thoughts on “Butterfly and Bee chasing

  1. Marilyn

    You’ve been WAY more successful at catching great shots of butterflies on flowers than I’ve been! Much harder than you’d think if you’ve never tried it. Congrats and thank you!

    1. jmarkowski Post author

      Marilyn – if I ever can get someone to film me while I film the butterflies, it would be fantastic entertainment!

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