I like it

I felt an itch today.

An itch to garden, whatever that means.

I walked my grounds in flip flops and a t-shirt because it was a pleasant 60 degrees outside.

I desperately wanted to weed. Or dig. Or snip.

But that opportunity didn’t exist.

The birds were raising hell throughout the backyard and I decided maybe running around and trying to photograph them might scratch the itch.

It sort of did.



Damn it is difficult to get them to sit still. Oh well.

When I was done I took one last pic before I walked through the front door.

Pat on back time.

My garden looks so much better in winter than it has before.

I actually stopped and let it all soak in.

I like gardens.

And gardening.

Even in winter.


6 thoughts on “I like it

  1. Laura

    Yes! Embrace winter!

    I tend to hide like a creeper behind the curtain when the finches and juncos descend on my garden, so as to watch them and not to scare them away (small yard problems). Kudos on the winter bird photography, it takes stealth.

  2. Casa Mariposa

    I’m starting 50 different types of seed under grow lights in my basement so I get to play with plants all winter. You should come to the Fling! :o) So much fun…..!

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