Garden optimism

A break from all of the baseball posts today.

Our trip down south unfortunately has come to an end. I now turn my attention from photographing athletes throwing a ball to photographing all signs of green that are popping up all over my garden.

And for the sake of a smooth transition, I like to think that I went from the promise of a new baseball season where all teams still think they can win it all, to the promise of a new season in my garden.

No weeds to deal with yet.

I like to think every plant in my garden will have survived the winter and will perform better than last year.

Optimism still exists.

So far, all of the Sedum plants appear to be intact.


And an endless number of daffodils have announced their presence.



The new irises I added last year (‘Wow Factor’) are ready to go and I cannot wait to share these killer blooms with you all.


But the plant I am most excited to see return is Allium ‘Globemaster’.

This is the first year, knock on wood, that it has returned for a repeat performance and that has me all sorts of giddy.

One last note:

Thank you all for your feedback/comments on the book I have in the works. I am putting all of your comments in motion and hope to share a sample chapter or two with you in the very near future.



3 thoughts on “Garden optimism

  1. Linda o'Connell

    Love your garden enthusiasm, John, and glad that you are not one dimensional like many unnamed gardeners that I know. Your bb trip with the kids sounds delightful.

  2. Sharon Molnar

    No weeds yet? Lucky you. I’ve been battling a lovely winter hardy invader known as bittercress since it came in on a nursery plant a few years back. I actually need to get out there and pull it before it seeds this year (damn the freezing weather that has been occurring for the past few weekends even if the weekdays are warm…).. Last year’s snows covered it until it was almost ready to go to seed, so I didn’t get a lot of time to pull it up before it was able to scatter a bajillion seeds in every direction.

    1. jmarkowski Post author

      I jinxed myself Sharon. The weeds emerged in all directions right before this big storm hit.

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