Tour of the Garden – 8/3/17

‘Karl Foerster’ ornamental grass makes everything else look better

With Ninebark ‘Diablo’:


With Rudbeckia:


With Clethra ‘Ruby Spice’:


As a backdrop to Lobelia siphilitica:


Layers are good

Pink Clethra (Summersweet) shrub, Joe Pye Weed ‘Gateway’ and Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’:


Joe Pye Weed ‘Baby Joe’ and a lot of other stuff:


Grass on grass

Panicum ‘Rotstrahlbusch’ amd Miscanthus ‘Variegatus’:


Instagram filters are cool

I really dig the muted vibe. A 70’s feel, no?


Keep the weeds?

I believe this is Bull Thistle and I didn’t intentionally let it grow. I missed it along the way.

But now I wonder if I should keep it for the bees or will it bite me in the butt and reseed and spread like mad.



Letting them be

I like to get right in the face of the butterfly when taking photos. I can tell they get annoyed so I decided to hide around the corner and take their pics this go-around.


First signs

The ‘Mariachi Series’ Sneezweed have put out their first blooms: 


That Lobelia ‘Black Truffle’ sure is purty:


Unplanned strategy

Could the scent of the Bee Balm be keeping the deer away from this Hydrangea?



The “Carex within the Ajuga” plan is finally coming to fruition:


5 thoughts on “Tour of the Garden – 8/3/17

  1. mary hatton

    I really like the carex and ajuga combination. This rainy summer being the exception, I tend to lose my flowers by early July and rely on variegated foliage. Yours is a combination I must remember for Spring ordering.

  2. sheryl

    I especially like the sneezeweed. Such a lovely time of year for your beautiful garden. You need to get rid of that bull thistle tho, the bee has probably already spread it and there are a lot of other things for the bees. That thistle is in the process of reseeding. Sad that often some of the most treacherous things are so beautiful.

  3. Chuck

    Ah, amazing photos. Beautiful.
    Dig up the thistle, the sooner the better. I learned that the hard way.

  4. Cheryl Levine

    First, we have two large Lobelia ‘Black Truffle’ in our garden, and it is an absolute favorite of little green hummingbirds. Fantastic spike of color and an interesting lure to boot!
    Second, I’ll put in a small (but reserved) plug for the thistle. The color is gorgeous and we have an area in our field where we encourage them because–again–the birds, especially the goldfinches, love them. But no joke, we do have to pull them from our nearby lawn from time to time. So there’s that.
    And they hurt like hell when you step on them. 🙂

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